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Mapquest Driving Directions click here.
(mapquest directions are not guaranteed to be 100% correct)

Directions from NJ Turnpike
1) Take Exit 11 to Garden State Parkway North

2) continue from "Directions from Garden State Parkway"

Directions from Garden State Parkway
1) Take Exit 131a onto Wood Avenue

2) Stay on Wood Avenue for 8 traffic lights

3) Left onto Inman Avenue
[0.8 miles]

* Inman Plaza is on your right

Directions from 27
1a) Going North on 27: Left onto Grove Avenue
[2.4 miles]

1b) Going South on 27: Continue from Step 3 for the Garden State Parkway Directions

2) Left onto New Dover Road
[0.05 miles]

3) Right onto Grove Avenue
[1.0 mile]

4) Right onto Inman Avenue
[0.4 miles]

*Inman Plaza is on your Left

Directions from 287
1) Take Exit 5 - CR-529/Stelton Road

2) 287 South: Turn Left onto CR-529/STELTON RD
    287 North: Turn Right onto CR-529/STELTON RD
[0.2 miles]

3) Right onto Hamilton Blvd
[1.1 miles]

4) Left onto Hamilton Blvd
[0.86 miles]

5) Turn RIGHT onto CR-603/HAMILTON BLVD. Continue to follow CR-603
[ 0.80 miles]

6) Turn RIGHT onto CR-605/MAPLE AVE. Continue to follow CR-605.
[ 1.7 miles]

7) Turn RIGHT onto CR-602/INMAN AVE.
[ 2.0 miles]

*Inman Plaza is on your Left

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